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What people are saying about Weather Lock

"I had Weather Locks installed over my upstairs North and West windows.  Before I had them installed I could not maintain 66 degrees heat.  Now that we have our Snap-on Windows our bedrooms are comfortable and warm.  The Weather Locks have also greatly reduced the street noise too."
(Pam S.; St. Paul, MN)

"I have Weather Lock Snap-On Windows over my screen porch.  I can now use my porch for an extended period of time in the Spring and Fall.  They are also easy to snap off if there is a nice day late in the season."
(Tom M.; Minneapolis, MN)
"We installed installed Weather Locks in our duplex about 12 years ago.  The Snap-On Windows have greatly reduced our heating bills and maintained the esthetic value of the original wood windows.  We were so impressed with the Weather Lock Windows we installed them on our house in Lake Calhoun as well."
(Jerry C.; Minneapolis, MN
"I purchased Weather Lock Snap-On Windows for my home over 20 years ago.  They stopped drafts and lowered my heating costs substantially.They are still as good as day one.  When we added a three season porch we installed Weather Locks over those windows as well.  The room is warm and draft free."
(Emery S.; Coon Rapids, MN)
"Weather Lock Snap-On Windows were installed over my drafty bay windows, every year i would get condesation on them and the room felt cold, Now with my Weather Lock Snap-On Windows, I had no condesation, the Room was warm and my energy bills were greatly reduced. Thanks Weather Lock!"
(Jim N St. Paul, MN)
"We installed Weather Locks over the openings in our screen porch.  We had perviously used unsightly plastic.  The Weather Locks are vistually invisible and have extended the use of our porch.  Their installation crew was neat and professional."
(Ray R.; St. Croix, MN)



*Buy 4 windows and receive the 5th window FREE! Must call to receive this offer.
Valid thru October 21st

* Free window must be of equal or lesser in value, cannot be combined with other offers. must call to receive this offer.